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Two Decades of

Powerful Learning.

Performance to Prove It.

The Sharon Wells Mathematics Program is designed on the principle of maintaining unique recurring methods and pedagogical beliefs for implementing effective mathematics instruction for young learners such as:

  • Providing rigorous and in-depth lessons, frequent assessments, and spiraled repetition of readiness concepts

  • Real life, hands–on lessons using manipulatives

  • Building a strong foundation for understanding with conceptual learning opportunities from concrete to abstract activities

  • Active learning experiences to conceptualize skills being taught

At Sharon Wells we strive to create lessons that engage students so they can build the conceptual foundation and develop the mathematical processes needed for strengthening cognitive math skills, algebraic reasoning and problem solving.

This will not only lead to success in the current grade level, but prepare students to transfer the learning to higher level mathematics.

State standards may change but one thing remains constant, the proven success rate in state test results for the districts using the Sharon Wells Mathematics Curriculum. Some districts have seen more than a 40% increase in test results after the first year of implementation.

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